Display Advertising - “It’s not rocket science”

Display advertising is a form of advertising on websites, social media or apps through different formats like images, animations, video. These ads are in different sizes like banners, small box, or line(s) of text. Display advertising plays a vital role in the field of digital marketing. This kind of ads is placed in the reserved sections of paid advertising of website. Bigger and wider banner ads usually give better results than other forms of ads - the tall or narrow ones.

We have extensive knowledge of Display Advertising

Namaste Advertising provides the best quality display advertising services in Los Angeles, USA. We help our clients to increase online sales and brand visibility using our comprehensive strategies.

Why us for Display Advertising?


It is a process of buying and selling ad impressions online in real-time auctions. At, Namaste Advertising, we have professional experts who are having expertise in Real-time Bidding. Our experts determine the right bid for the right user at the right time.

Display Strategy

Our strategists determine perfect display strategy of advertising in order to select the network or group of networks on that the ads will be displayed. We can select the right network to display your ads to help you achieve the marketing goals. Before selecting the right network, we consider some factors that like budget, target audience, policy, and goals.

Ad Networks

Once all the factors are considered, we select a network or a group of networks where we display the ads. These networks are; Google Display Network(GDN), Yahoo Network and Third party networks. There can be one or a combination of networks we use to display the ads.

Conversion Optimization

We use Google analytics to measure the conversion. Then the conversion rate is determined by our experts for each auction. We make sure that the ads we display target your potential customers at the right time when they search for your exact product or service. Our strategy is very effective so that the conversion rate certainly can increase.


It means targeting the customers who have already visited your websites. It is truly a great opportunity to reconnect with your visitors and encourage them to go for your product or service. We use different methods for remarketing and we select the most suitable one. Moreover, Dynamic remarketing is one step ahead. It actually allows showing the ads based on the product your previous customers viewed on your website.